the birthday party

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The room was swaying a little, I had been drinking champagne all evening, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Jane had chosen a great venue and the DJ was pumping. I had asked Sofia to come with me, she is one of my lovers and she is very giving and obliging, great company for a good night out. In bed, Sofia likes to be told what to do. We clicked when we discovered that we were both bisexual with a similar attitude toward sex. Over the years we have had lots of fun.
I watched her now, dancing with some guy she knew from years ago. She was getting him worked up, I could tell from her body language and the expression on his face. The beat of the music gathered pace and the two dancers with glowing faces came toward me.
‘Eve, this is John, we dated at university – he’s married now, worse luck.’ She laughed, throwing her head back and displaying her slender neck and throat. I wanted to step forward and bite it. But instead I smiled at John and proffered my hand.
His hands were like plates, wet with sweat but fingers long and slender. A pianist perhaps. I imagined how huge his penis might be, looking at those hands.
‘Eve, you’ve got to tell John that you and I fuck, he won’t believe me.’
I looked over Sofia’s shoulder where a pinch-lipped woman glared at our cosy group. That must be the wife.
‘Like rabbits’ I confirmed, grabbing Sofia’s waist and pulling her close.
John practically dribbled. I stroked the side of her breast as I breathed words against her neck just loud enough for him to hear.
‘What do you think Sofia, shall I let him watch me pleasure you?’
Sofia smiled broadly.
‘I know you want him to fuck you with that huge dong’ I whispered more quietly. She smiled more and looked at him.
‘You’re kidding right?’ John blushed.
Sofia gave him a come hither look as she kissed my cheek and squeezed my waist, accepting the suggestion.
‘You’ll have to slip away from Miss Lemon over there, meet us in that fancy bathroom upstairs.’ I shook his hand again, as if saying goodbye and steered Sofia toward the stairs.
‘You little cock tease’ I muttered in her ear as I pushed her through the bathroom door. The room was luxurious, a velvet chaise longue, huge mirrors and gold taps.
There was no-one in either cubicle so we entered one and closed the door behind us. I lifted my skirt flashing my naked cunt. Sofia sat on the toilet seat and stuck out her tongue, looking up at me waiting. I thrust my cunt toward her mouth.
‘Lick it, taste my juices, when he gets here I want him to taste my scent on your lips.’
Sofia groaned with lusty anticipation and lapped obligingly, her neck awkwardly crooked. We heard the outer door open. Sofia’s eyes widened. I opened the cubicle door and saw John standing sheepishly in the middle of the room.
‘I should let him watch me finger you’ I said, watching John’s face. He returned to the main door and bolted it. There were other bathrooms available so we needn’t be disturbed.
When he turned to face us I had seated Sofia on the chaise longue and bunched up her skirt. I bent to slip my fingers in as John stood mesmerised. She was already wet. I worked my expert fingers in and out brushing over her clit and and occasionally giving her fat cunt a slap followed by a soothing lick. Sofia threw back her head and gasped, moving her body seductively.
‘Kiss her’ I told him. John tasted her lips and then licked his own. The aroma of sex heavy in the air. Sofia was in heaven. I pulled her tits loose from her bustier top and John tentatively stroked them while I sucked and fingered her sweet and juicy cunt.
‘Get on your knees’ I tugged at Sofia, helping her into position. I stood at the head end and again lifted my skirt for her to sniff and lick between my legs.
From this position I reached forward and gathered the fabric of her skirt, pulling it up around her waist. Her taut little arse poked up. I instructed Sofia to part her legs nicely for the young man. She moaned again, loving the control.
‘I’m going to watch him fuck you my darling.’
John didn’t need telling twice, he knelt behind her sprawled legs. As he loosened his trousers his erection poked out of his shorts. My predictions had been right. Huge and twitching.
I watched him steady and position himself. His cock bumped against her backside then nudged toward her opening. Sofia let out a loud gasp as he entered her. I shoved my pussy onto her mouth to keep the noise down and between him and I we used her from either end.
A muffled chomping accompanied her gasps and moans as he pumped quickly, grasping her hips for leverage. With each withdrawal I saw his glistening cock increasingly coated in her silky juice. I could feel my own orgasm rising and knew Sofia would follow soon after me.
‘I’m coming on her face’ I announced to the pair of them, playing with my nipples as I reached an efficient climax.
Satisfied, I bent to cup her face in my hands and kiss her shiny face. John was hammering away now and Sofia’s face had that glazed, ‘nearly there’ expression. I reached beneath her and fingered her clit, strumming across the surface as he thrust his length again and again. John stiffened, his spunk rising.
‘Come my love’ I whispered sweetly in her ear.
‘He’s going to fill your creamy hole with his spunk and you love it – you slut.’
As John ground the last drop from his cock into her gushing hole I kissed her long and hard. She came fiercely, straining and growling. Her hands reached back and pulled on John’s thighs, pulling the last of him into her. I pinched and slapped her clit, giving it a good sloppy rubbing, she was so wet – she’d wet all over his cock, it was dripping down there! I brought my hands to my mouth and tasted their mingled juices. Stuck my hand up mine and thrust it under John’s nose. His tongue lashed out and licked across my fingertips.
‘You’d better get back to Miss Lemon’ I smirked.

One of my favourite fantasies is to be spunked on by a number of men, all at once. I’m not alone, I know women out there share this longing. In my dreams, they’re watching me do something, often coming across me by accident (masturbating for example or playing with another woman).


I like the thought of being oblivious to their presence but once I realise they are there, I really go for it, porn-star-style. They pump their cocks, grunt and moan. Calling out filthy instructions, urging me on. I slather and squirm, lost in my own intense delirium. The context a blur, my half-closed eyes sharply focused on the five or more cocks surrounding me. Until they cannot hold back any longer. They have not touched me, nor me them.

Olympic Cock

Climax is reached through the eye and the transmission of lust and perversion and complete liberation. As I imagine it, when one of them starts to show signs of climax, it urges the others on. Eventually a synchronised crescendo of hot spunk, like an evening of son et lumiere, an arc of pearly white globules, pumping and surging in time to the music (that’s always beating in my head). Pointed skyward but gravity doing it’s work, bringing the cold splatters home to me, my waiting flesh, my open mouth, my ecstasy……..

synchronised shooting…Gold!

If you haven’t already explored this blog, refer back to ‘this kitten’s claws’ for an example of what I’m talking about.

you’re for it….

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Him, alright but it’s got to be quick – and no cuddling after
Her, I’m the luckiest girl alive
Him: ouch, steady!
Her: get down there
Him: you randy bugger (laughing)
Her: get on with it – get your nose in first
Him: mmm
Her: taste it
Him: sslrrpp
Her: I’m gonna sit on your cock in a minute
Him: mmgrhff
Her: There, all the way up, uhh
Him: Ow!
Her: oh boohoo, shut up
Him: (laughing)
Her: Suck my tits while I grind my cunt down onto your cock
Him: muhmnuhm
Her: I’m cumming, I’m gonna cream all over your cock…uuhh, eeeh, aaahhrghh, gnuh
Him: Have you finished with me?
Her: No, I’m gonna suck my cream from your cock while I sit on your face
Him: (smiley face)
Her: sslrrpp mmm mmgrhff uhh muhmnuhm uuhh……
Him: mmgrhff
Her: spunk in my mouth
Him: mmgrhff
Her: let me drink it
Him: mgrhufghff mmgrhff
Her: (gobbling) mmm tastes good…mmm I’m gonna cum again, on your face
Him: mmgrhff.. sslrrpp mmm.
Her: uuhh, eeeh, aaahhrghh…that’s it

Concupiscent encounter

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Hi lusty lovers, I’m back…just putting my head up from the books and breathing a big sigh of relief…I have one more year to go before this latest bout of academic striving is done. Every time I return to study I tell myself (and anyone else who’ll listen) that ‘this is the last time’ but then a couple of years later…there I go again. Obviously a glutton for punishment. And on that subject I must tell you of my latest, rather desperate and awkward encounter. Immersed in my recent assignment as I was, my brain stretched to it’s capacity, my sex life slipped off the radar. Apart from the odd, exhausted wank (just to keep the juices flowing and to help me switch off from my subject and get some sleep) I had been neglecting my libido. It’s true what they say about the less you have the less you crave it – I know this to be inversely true – the more you have the more you want – but had never experienced this prolonged apathy and disinterest before. Not content with letting my standards slip, I ventured forth a couple of days after handing in the assignment with the sole intent of making something lusty happen! I decided to visit the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and the sight of her stuffed phallus covered furniture and clothes lifted my spirits and focused my mind on the subject of sex. I giggled aloud, titillated by her work, hoping to communicate my openness and sense of fun to the bodies pressing about me. I played a game with myself, an old game, one I developed from an early age when brief, sexual encounters with strangers, dominated my pubescent dreams. The first time I consciously played this game was on a school trip to The Victory (Nelson’s ship) where, whenever possible I ‘accidentally’ bumped into, brushed against or proffered a protruding backside to an array of strangers, just to see what would happened. I was rewarded with several twinges and tingles throughout the day as a stray finger pressed between my legs, a hairy arm brushed against a budding breast and on one satisfying occasion, I felt a hardening cock pushing against my back.
As I entered the next crowded room of the gallery, I smiled at the thought of the game. Not caring whether the contact was with women or men. Just eager to get back in touch with my body. I entered the next room which was particularly crowded, bodies and faces pressed forward straining to see the various works. I pressed my own form forward until my torso came into contact with the back of the woman in front. I pushed into her warmth, my breasts squashing against her shoulder blades. She flinched, turned slightly, I apologised, ‘oh I beg your pardon’ as I stepped back, I regained my balance and moved away to the next crowded picture. This time I manoeuvered in front of a man and as I considered the art before me I leaned back ever so slightly, feeling my head almost rest on his shoulder for a moment. I waited there and when he did not move I poked my bum out a little and felt for his thigh, allowing the slightest brush of buttock against balls before once again moving away. So I went on, repeating this modus at every opportunity. When I felt a hand making a definite lunge between my legs I got the tingle I longed for and satisfied that I had shared my sexy game with others I headed for the door and the sunshine.
‘Excuse me, Miss?’ a hand on my shoulder. His voice sounded authoritarian. I cringed inside thinking I’d been spotted on security cameras playing my silly game. I turned and was relieved to see not a security uniform but a middle aged man with a twinkle in his eye and a wry smile on his playful lips. ‘Were you just doing what I thought you were doing?’ He asked in a head-masterly tone.
I stuttered, ‘ehm, it’s a game I play, it’s not meant to hurt anyone.’ I felt about seven years old, caught scrumpying by a cross neighbour.
‘And what is this game exactly?’ I could feel my cheeks blush as I explained ‘Well, if you must know,’ I said rather haughtily, ‘I like getting a sexual thrill from a brief and accidental encounter, so I go to crowded places and travel on tube trains with the purpose of pushing or brushing myself up against someone, in some lusty, tingle-raising fashion’.
‘Then what happens?’ he leered toward me fixing his eyes on my chest.
‘I go home and wank!’ I stated, matter-of-factly, as if daring myself in the conversation with a stranger.
‘Well that was my crotch you were pushing your bum into and now you’ve got me all hot and bothered…what are we going to do about it?’ For the second time that day I felt a pang of fear.
Play it cool – keep your nerve – keep your wits about you, these thoughts circled my brain as my mouth opened and words fell out.
‘What do you suggest?’ As I said it, the risk mixed with lust and I felt the gush of juices dampen my crotch. I surrepticiously squirmed my thighs together enjoying the wet slippery sensation.
‘My hotel’s near here’ he took my arm as if to walk like lovers. I pulled away.
‘I’m not coming to any hotel with you but you can buy me a drink in that pub over there.’
We sat by the river and supped our beers.
‘So are you going to finish what you started?’ He asked as we finished our pints. I had been considering my position and my cunt was still throbbing with desire so…
‘What about a bit of fingering round the back of this place?’
He choked. ‘What? That sounds rather sordid and cheap.’ He turned his nose up.
‘Take it or leave it’ I stood to leave.
‘No wait, yes, sure, come on.’
He grabbed my wrist and headed for the rear of the building. The next thing, I was pushed roughly up against the wall. Two large shrubs shielded us from any unlikely passers by. He thrust his hand between my legs, startled, I jumped and let out a small gasp. He took it as encouragement and snapped open my belt, pulling down my zip at the same time. His hot, rough hand plunged greedily where I knew I was sopping. A big index finger pushed inside me and my knees buckled, pushing my cunt firmly onto him. I knew my cunt was sucking in his strong digit, gripping on, not letting go. He extracted his finger with difficulty and held it up, examining the viscous silk coating before sniffing at it and licking it. Now with a wet finger he entered me again.
I searched for his bulge and was gratified by the substantial erection I could feel through his trousers. Clumsily, I unzipped him and grasping his cock, pumped in time to the thrusts of his one, two, now three fingers. I rocked myself against him, grasping the back of his neck with my spare hand as I stroked his penis. My legs began to tremble as my orgasm approached.
‘I’m coming’ I whispered. ‘Don’t stop, here it comes’ I let out a muffled ‘uuh, yeah, mmm’ before my legs splayed helplessly below me. My cunt full and pulsing, my clit concupiscent, hot, throbbing and alive.
As I ‘came-to’, still pulsing his cock, he jerked his seed all over my hand. Hot globs that quickly cooled in the open air.
Hurriedly, we pulled ourselves together and returned to the riverside, mingling with the sightseers and tourists.
‘Fancy another drink?’ He looked a bit sheepish.
‘No thanks, I prefer to leave it there’
‘Well at least you finished what you started. Serves you right for being such a randy little thing. Watch out for that. I could have been trouble.’
‘That’s why I want to leave it there. I might have just had a lucky escape and don’t want to be around to find out. Goodbye and thanks for not being trouble.’
‘Thank you‘ he smiled, ‘I won’t forget this afternoon for a long time to come’ He laughed to himself.
I couldn’t wait to get home to wank with those same juices that had been stirred earlier. The train ride home didn’t help, the jolt of the tracks brought me near to orgasm more than once or twice. I could barely stop myself from having a sneaky finger myself. I stopped myself by thinking of all the extra randiness that was building up for when I got home. I fell on the bed as soon as I got in, almost tearing at my clothes in my rush to be naked. There followed a succession of comings that left me panting and writhing like a wild thing. Finally satisfied, I closed my eyes to dream of lusty strangers.

Napoleon said: If you want to understand a man and see the world through his eyes, think of what was going on in the world when he was twenty. Agree? Disagree? Comments please.
By the way, I have another paper to write (professional development) so if my posts appear more erratically (than they have of late! sorry) or if they disappear altogether – please bear with me. I should be on track to resume lusty ramblings mid June. But before I go….
Pornography in history
Medieval times – an orgasm was symbolised by death.
17th Century explicit sexual songs were sung in polite company.
1650’s – earthy songs were sung, snubbing their noses to puritanism. Songs were the peoples’ banner of subversion, an indication of their contempt for authority.
1694 Henry Purcell ‘when the cock begins to crow’ ‘when the long lazy slut has not made the Parlour clean……Be she Betty, Nan or Sue, we make her, make her of another hue..’
1711 – Bedford’s The Great Abuse of Musick.
The first club was established in 1761.
Garret Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington (Duke of Wellington’s Father) composed ‘glees’ (bawdy songs thought to be suitable to be sung in female company).
Victorian era, Wilton’s Music Hall and the subversive, raunchy Marie Loyd. She gestured with every part of her body to give double meaning to the lyrics.
The Watch Committee complained about her song ‘come into the Garden Maud’, sung with sexual connotations.
In repost, Marie gave the innocent lyrics raunchy emphasis.
Crooning equated with seductive.
The intimate became public.


ooh! this kitten’s got claws.

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nice arse!

‘Get your hands off me!’ I snarled with my best contemptuous expression. At the same time shrugging my neck and shoulders free of the fat hot hands that were mawling me.
Ooh! this kitten’s got claws’ he snorted drunkenly. I turned to see a complete stranger behind me. His face was flushed, his lips soggy, his large fleshy nose seemed to bob in the middle of his face. He dropped his hands as I shot him a withering glare and he and his friends stopped laughing.
‘Sorry love, didn’t mean to offend – it’s just that me and the lads were sat over there, admiring the sight of your backside perched on this bar stool and we wondered if you’d like to have a drink with us before we leave. Barman fetch this gorgeous woman a large glass of wine.’ He grinned lasciviously, licking his lips. His mates grinned too, a bunch of buffoons, goggle-eyed, school-boy titters emanating along with their whiskey breath.
As he spoke I reflected on how I was feeling in response to this assault-come-chat-up. Strangely, I did not feel threatened. There was something stirring in my loins that told me this might be fun. At the same time I felt contempt for their drunken salacious attitude and momentarily pitied any women attached to these specimens.
Without smiling, I raised the fresh glass to my lips, holding his gaze. As I took a sip, he ordered again.
‘Whiskey’s all round’, he gestured in the vague direction of his companions.
The men huddled around my bar stool. The air seemed hot with sweat and hormones, and not just mine.
I had stopped in at the bar on my way home from work, I had a hair appointment in an hour and it wasn’t worth going home first. A glass of wine and the newspaper was how I envisaged spending the wait. Not, as I was now, starting a third (large) glass surrounded by five inebriated lusty strangers. Although they weren’t strangers by now. Ed, Steve, Roger, Tony and Mark worked in ‘finance’ which could have meant anything. They were in town for a conference and, as they were keen to tell me, had a sumptuous hotel suite at the Hilton.
Despite my contempt I found myself laughing at their jokes and enjoying the feeling of being a powerful smart woman amidst a bunch of prick-driven sexist blokes.

Eve as Dave

My friends of both sexes, gay, straight, kinky, all tell me that I think like a man. I have even been asked if I am transgender. A close group of friends sometimes call me ‘Dave’ when I’m exhibiting my male-mind. I was confident that with this crowd I could hold my own and have a laugh and most certainly a cock or two. Maid Marian to these Merry Men.
Soon I was too tipsy to keep a hair appointment and sex was too much on my mind to think about doing anything else. I rang the salon to cancel. Ed, hearing this asked if this meant I was free for the evening?
‘I need to eat before I drink anymore’ as soon as I’d uttered those words I realised that I had just subconsciously agreed to this adventure going further.

sex on the brain

‘Boys, let’s get this lady some grub. What about the hotel restaurant? It’s good’
‘Sure, sounds great’
Six drained glasses, two shared cabs and Ed was steering me, ahead of the others, through the revolving door, pressing up against me as we squashed together between the leaves of the door. We walked straight through to a beautiful restaurant. Wine flowed, we ordered steak. I ate just enough to sober up and stave off hunger, I didn’t want a full belly of food if I was going to get a full belly of spunk later..haha!!
The food had a sobering effect on the boys too. I realised as I sat there, laughing and joking, with these very friendly and rather affable men, that all I wanted to do was to lie down, unbutton things, let my tits and belly out and play with my cunt.
It must have been written all over my face because the next thing I knew I was being given a tour of the suite and the men were undressing me with their eyes as I eyed the three huge bedrooms leading off the living room and the fantastic wet room beyond. As fresh drinks were handed rounded I became aware of a palpable tension, a struggle perhaps of consciousness? A power struggle? They liked me, I could tell. Their earlier bravado had subdued and they were gentlemanly, softer. Although, not in the trouser area I could tell. If they made the advance would it feel too aggressive? But I knew they wanted it badly enough to take it and I hadn’t shown any resistance so far. The outcome, I’d decided, was inevitable.
‘Usually by this time of the evening, I would have slipped out of these work clothes into something more comfortable’ – I watched their faces – ‘something or nothing’…
‘Nothing, sounds good’ said a voice somewhere near my ear.

Ready and waiting

My stomach flipped over as I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my skirt. Immediately they followed suit, watching me strip to my bra and panties. I stepped forward toward Mark and kissed his mouth then I pulled Steve over and kissed him too. Pure hot lust rising through my body. Next thing I felt hands all over me, probing, stroking, slipping off my underwear. I was lifted to a kingsize bed and a pile of condoms were thrown onto the bedside table. For the next hour or so, cocks entered me, filled me, stuffed into my mouth and cunt at the same time. I was taken from every angle. I reveled in it. These strangers, this frail bond, made me feel crude and dirty. I loathed them and loved them. I came so many times I thought I was going to pass out. When every one of them was spent I had spunk everywhere. It was dribbling from my mouth, congealing on my tits and stomach and clumped in my hair.

cocks entered me

I felt thoroughly content. When my body stopped shaking I headed for a shower. I scrubbed myself clean and when my hair was squeaking, I began to relax under the hot water. I took the shower head in my hand. Aiming the strong jets at my clitoris I sprayed myself toward a knee-trembler. My grunting acted like a mating call and five naked men strolled into the bathroom, cocks getting ready again in their fat hot hands. I sneered a laugh through the glass wall dividing them from the wet area. Half a meter away, they had a ringside view. I grabbed a handful of shower gel and approached the glass. Running my hands over my body I spread the gel paying special attention to my tits and ass.

hot shower

I pressed myself up against the glass, squirming, dancing and playing with myself. They wanked appreciatively, edging me on, nearer. Bubbles formed a liquid. Cream, froth, fluff, head. Standing before them, spreading my cunt apart with one hand, I frigged myself off. Strumming on my clit as they strummed. Faster, harder. Lather, suds, spume. The men came closer to the glass, I knew I was salivating and the noises coming out of my throat were subhuman, instinctual, beast-like. The sight of their excitement tipped me over the edge. I started to come, my legs shook, my body spasmed. Letting out an orgiastic scream, I leaned against the glass, finally gasping for breath and fingering the silky fluid oozing from my cunt.

Ed, Mark, Roger, Tony and Steve walked around the steamy, soap-smeared partition to where I barely stood. Hot spunk shot over me from five directions and I couldn’t help but to stick out my tongue. Catching drops as they splattered me. Finally we all got under the shower for a last rinse off. They stroked me tenderly this time and helped soap me clean. Whatever I had thought hours ago about their ugly faces and crude ways I had enjoyed a fantastic evening. Dressed, I finished my drink and they called me a cab. I kissed them all a sweet goodnight.
Although I was dressed for the office, I felt like a whore as I crossed the large lobby toward those revolving doors and the waiting car. Ed’s last words rang in my ears as we drove away:
‘When I said this kitten’s got claws, I had no idea did I? You my girl are a fucking tiger, a frigging panther! He pressed a twenty into my hand ‘for the taxi’.

Mr Sheen

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I need to expand that ‘fantasy within a fantasy’ briefly outlined in the last post –

A couple of years ago, at a Pride festival I pulled a twenty four year old Lithuanian woman. The sun was shining and everyone was dancing outside a local bar, house music pumping, cowboy hats, shades and big beaming smiles all round. I was alone although familiar with the bar and some of the party crowd. She was a brilliant dancer, had all the moves, that’s what first caught my eye. She looked happy, confident and free. She appeared to be with a large group of women. I danced near her waiting to catch her eye and flash her a winning smile. When she didn’t smile back straight away I wondered if she was with a girlfriend and continued to dance as if she wasn’t there. Next time I caught her eye she beamed and winked at me.
Skip the boring bit.
She came home with me and we spend the next day and night divided between partying Pride style and having sex.
On the Sunday night we went to bed early, she had to leave by six to catch a train home in time to get to work by nine. We pulled open the curtains so that the morning light would help us wake up and I set the alarm for an hour before she had to be away (time for sex, shower and a coffee).
When the alarm went off I leaned over to turn it off and began kissing her awake, nuzzling into her warm neck..

She stirred, moaned and turned fully on her back. Arms and legs akimbo, inviting. I licked and sucked on her tits. Her nipples woke up, big, brown rivets. Her warm flesh goose-bumped as I ran my tongue over her stomach and thighs, kissing and nibbling on the more sensitive areas. She shivered, reaching her hand into my hair as I nuzzled my nose into her crotch. Our bodies lay diagonally across the bed, the duvet had been kicked onto the floor. She lay back, writhing and, shouting (a bit over the top for my liking but her thighs were over my ears which muffled her noise somewhat). She ran her hands over her body, pinching and pulling on her own tits. I was sprawled on my stomach, my legs parted and knees bent so that my heels could kick my butt. My arms were locked around her thighs, my head buried in her juicy cunt.

I looked up to see her body, her ecstatic face. There behind her, at the window, the bloody window cleaner! He was staring open-mouthed, a sponge in one hand, the side of the ladder in the other. She hadn’t noticed him. I felt my cunt gush as I stared back at him. I smiled and bent to lick her some more, looking back at him to let him know it was ok by me. The added excitement of the voyeur made me really hot. I squirmed my titties over her spread pussy, fingering and sucking on her while she screamed and moaned. She was so far away in her own world I could freely concentrate on him. He had his cock out now, slowly wanking it while he gripped the ladder. She started to come, bucking and hollering like a banshee. I clambered onto her and sat on her face, brilliantly preventing her from catching me at what I was doing. I knelt up, only feet away from the window. Almost close enough to touch. I played with my tits, looking him straight in the eyes while I ground down on her mouth.

Suddenly his spunk hit the window and I came immediately, grunting and growling my desire. I bent down to kiss her face, her mouth, to kiss up my own juices smeared across her cheeks. I chanced a look at the window, he’d gone but where he had hastily tried to clear up himself, there was a faint smear on the window. ‘I’ll get the shower running and put some coffee on, come on chop chop or you’ll be late…. ‘